Tool Manager
Mons, BE

RFQ: C002398


  • As Security Incident and Event Manager (SIEM) / Log Aggregation (LogA) Tool Manager , the incumbent will be responsible for supporting Cyber Defence operations, maintaining and updating the tool's configurations to match the threat environment, specifically for SIEM / LogA perimeter.
  • They will report to the Head, Security Tools Management Section and will collaborate with the personnel from CS Operations Branch as the content developers and users of the tools. They will also work with the staff of Platform and Infrastructure Section for the platform maintenance and support.
  • The SIEM / LogA Tool manager will work with the Security Event Analysts (SEAs) and the Operations and Maintenance (O&M) Service Staff to help tune the security tools for optimum performance, with three main aims :
  • To ensure logs are properly collected at site level via Arcsight connectors or splunk forwarders.
  • To ensure that LogA (Log Aggregators) are deployed at remote sites and key systems are configured
  • To ensure Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) subsystem is operative and collects a continuous event rate of events per second from many different sources such as sensors (NIDPS, FPC, HIDS, antivirus, etc.) and network security devices (firewalls, proxies, etc.), analysing and identifying real-time threats

Main responsibilities:
Install, Configure and admin Cyber Defence associated specialist tools (see below) :

  • Security Incident Event Management (SIEM) – Microfocus ArcSight ESM; Splunk Enterprise Security
  • Log Aggregation (LogA) Microfocus Arcsight Loggers, Microfocus Arcsight Connectors, Splunk Forwarders
  • Setup a monitoring mechanism in order to immediately detect potential issues. The issues shall not be limited to the software configuration but to everything related to the proper delivery of the service (loss of log sources, performance issue, HW resources, data parsing, ...)
  • Continuously monitor all system components (SIEM, LogA, log sources) and take appropriate actions for solving detected issues.
  • Providing required support and assistance for integrating the tools with other internal tools.
  • To ensure that all NCIRC specialist applications related to SIEM and LogA are installed, configured, and running properly and in line with dependencies with others systems or applications and CSSL needs.
  • Identify upgrade requirements and areas of improvement to ensure an up-to-date and stable environment. Justify business needs, prepare documentation and propose implementation plan for the Change Management Board.
  • Implement the approved changes following co-ordination with other stakeholders
  • Proactively recommend optimizations to capabilities to provide effective and efficient service operations.
  • Review security documentation and provide technical advice, when requested.
  • Maintain awareness of new technologies and developments, industry standards and best practices within the NCSC community for SIEM/LogA tools, participating in knowledge sharing with other analysts and develop solutions efficiently.
  • Create technical reports and/or executive level reports as required.
  • Provide subject matter expertise and input for any future projects and system expansion
  • Perform other essential duties as assigned.


  • Essential to have a Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science combined with a minimum of 2 years' experience in as Security Tool Analyst (STA), Tool Manager or similar position involving technical ICT Engineering knowledge, or a Secondary education and completed advanced vocational education (loading to a professional qualification or professional accreditation) with a minimum of 4 years post related experience.
  • Extensive practical experience with SIEM and Log Aggregation products – e.g.MicroFocus ArcSight and Splunk.
  • Expert level and previous experience related to Log Aggregation and SIEM management activities
  • Demonstrable experience of analysing and interpreting system, security and application logs in order to diagnose faults and spot abnormal behaviours.
  • Good knowledge of maintaining a secure enterprise network through configuring and managing typical Security Enforcing Devices, such as Firewalls, Proxies, IDS/IPS devices, HIDS/EPO.
  • Knowledge of Sourcefire/Snort.
  • Practical hands-on experience in systems and tools administration.
  • Comprehensive knowledge of the principles of computer and communication security, networking, and the vulnerabilities of modern operating systems and applications.
  • Troubleshooting of Linux and/or Windows infrastructures.
  • Excellent communication abilities, both written and verbal, with the ability to clearly and successfully articulate complex issues to a variety of audiences and teams.
  • Demonstrable ability to work autonomously and proactively, to understand the NCSC chain of command and to follow internal processes
  • Practical skills in writing bash, python or ansible scripts to support repetitive tasks automation, Linux system and application administration and troubleshooting
  • Solid understanding of regular expressions
  • Proficient with SIEM content creation – correlation rules, reports, dashboards

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